Famous celebrities wearing an Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings have long been linked to luxury, beauty and wealth. In comparable fashion to ruby or sapphire baubles, these rings are generally sought out not by the diamond-loving audience, but by those a bit more experienced about jewellery, what each stone is worth, and what it signifies.

There is, in fact, no reason for emerald engagement rings to be any less well-known than their diamond alternatives. Pound for pound, an emerald can be of significantly greater value than a diamond, and these stones are definitely not lacking in the 'celebrity endorsement' division either. Actually, over the centuries, more than a few superstars have been seen wearing green-stone-centric jewellery.

Amongst the early enthusiasts of emerald jewellery are Nero, emperor of Rome, who was stated to view gladiator matches through an emerald, and Charlemagne, who had one that he got as a existing embedded into his armour. Nevertheless, the gem's primary claim to fame is its appearance on superstar engagement rings, which assisted raise its profile among casual jewellery consumers.

The first of these emerald engagement rings to arrive into public dominance belonged to Grace Kelly, who acquired it from her lover, Prince Rainier of Monaco. The stylish and sophisticated film star also possibly broke the scales in term of carat, with the stone in her ring considering in at a whopping 12 carats, an luxurious move typical of the golden age of European birth and Hollywood film stars.

More moderate, but no less amazing was the emerald that belong to Elizabeth Taylor. While not encrusted in a ring, this jewel, presented upon the actress by Richard Burton, nonetheless constituted an engagement present, which makes it qualified for this list.

Jackie's ring commemorating her engagement to John was capped by a 3-carat emerald that perfectly accompanied her mysterious personality

Another superstar to be introduced with a stunning emerald ring was Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of one of the most popular American presidents of all time. Jackie's ring commemorating her engagement to John was capped by a 3-carat emerald that perfectly accompanied her mysterious personality.

More recently, superstars to catch the public eye by wearing gorgeous emerald engagement rings include Sharon Stone, whose companion introduced her with a 3.5 carat emerald ring, and Hale Berry, who was lately spotted on the red carpet wearing a green-tinted ring.

While not as strong as sapphire's organization with the British Royals, it is nevertheless easy to see that emerald rings have enough of a superstar backing to make it an appealing factor for partners shopping for the ideal stone for their jewel.

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